Decentia - The coming of decentralisation

Trading success requires a full understanding.

Very few new crypto investors/traders have any knowledge of the three trading 'pillars' such as  Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Sentiment Analysis.

Few know how to orchestrate Oscillators, Indicators, Safeties and Assurances to construct trading strategies with favourable risk to reward ratios. Fewer still, understand how to create 'short' trades and how to trade with leverage, safely.

Professional quality, automated trading, takes care of that. Trading services that understand the current context use the right type of trading instruments at the right time are able to produce the alpha component to out-perform the market.

Sucess requires a full understanding

There are many pieces of information in the full picture. CyberTrade is pulling pull that information together, to analyse it and take action.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis (TA) is a Methodology that builds on Dow Theory to form the basis of trading today. TA uses trading price and volume to predict the direction of future prices.

The methodology utilises several important concepts, such as Bull/Bear cycles, Elliott wave theory, Breakout, Trends, Fibonacci ratios etc to help describe market behavior and to provide a common language for trading.

The TA methodology also provides powerful analysis tools such as Charts, Patterns, Trends, Support and Resistance, Momentum, and indicators/oscillators, to provide useful trading information and help prompt trading actions.

CyberTrade is utilising price and volume based Technical Analysis to help make trading decisions.

CyberTrade - Decentralised Intelligent Arbitrage (Decentia)
Decentia - The coming of decentralisation

Indicators & Oscillators.

CyberTrade is incorporating a library of standard Technical Analysis Indicators and Oscillators to inform decision making.

There are different categories of indicators such as, Support and Resistance, Trend, Momentum, Volume, Volatility and Breath.

Indicators are to combined automatically, to dynamically produce effective trading signals,. For example it coule be that MACD & Moving Average has been effective previously, but MACD & RSI is becoming more effective, currently.

Safeties & Assurances.

A professional-grade Trading strategy incorporates safety mechanisms (Safeties & Assurances) to help assure that profits are realised and losses are minimised.

Typical safeties include Stop loss, Trailing stop loss, Take Profit and Roof In.

The role of Assurances is to 'Quality Assure' trading, so that trade signals are only acted upon if it is safe and sensible to trade.

Typical assurances include Overcome Fees, Never Buy Higher, Never Sell Lower, Disable on losses, Stay Profitable.