Latest News

Latest News.

CyberTrade is on a mission to realise the 'Maximum Extractable Value' (MEV) from the many and various trading opportunities that exist across Blockchain exchanges.

CyberTrade specialises in 'Decentralised Intelligent Arbitrage' and has developed the Decentia platform.

Significant events are posted here.


4th December 2023
Decentia reaches 'Testnet' stage.

The Decentralised Intelligent Arbitrage platform (Decentia) has reached the project milestone of 'Testnet' stage.

Decentia is now deployed to the Ethereum 'Sopolia' Testnet, to test its functional and financial performance.

Testing is taking place utilising the Uniswap v2, Uniswap v3 and Sushiswap exchanges, together with the 'Flashbots' relay (MEV Protection).

Testing is focusing focused upon quantification of trading opportunities and execution of subsequent arbitrage trades..

During Q1 2024, testing will be followed by 'production deployment' to the 'Polygon' Blockchain.

Polygon is an Ethereum-based network which is particulary suited to arbitrage trading operations.

6th June 2021
Decentralised Intelligent Arbitrage.

CyberTrade has started development of  the 'Decentia' (Decent-i-a) Decentralised Intelligent Arbitrage platform

Decentia is designed as a multi-exchange and multi-blockchain,  platform. That is to say, it is designed to be exchange and blockchain independent.

As the cryptosphere expands and the number of exchanges and blockchains increases, Decentia will have more and more 'locations' to perform Intelligent Arbitrage (IA). Decentia will grow, with the cryptosphere.

Decentia is designed to perform 'fundless' (Flash Loan), multi-hop arbitrage trades. Only profitable trades are executed.

Decentia is also designed to be 'Intelligent' in terms of how it dynamically searches for volatility / arbitrage opportunities. (For example, the design of Decentia is not constrained by having a 'fixed' list of cryptocurrencies to monitor)

The multi-hop design of Decentia ensures that 'non-obvious' arbitrage opportunities are detected and realised.