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Latest News.

CyberTrade is on a journey to create a blockchain platform hosting a number of De-Fi trading bots.

Significant news is posted here.


3rd July 2023
CyberTrade Prioritises Arbitrage.

CyberTrade has prioritised the design and development of a Multi-Exchange Arbitrage Bot, as the second trading instrument on the CyberTrade platform.

The CyberTrade Arbitrage Bot will be capable of scanning multiple blockchains and multiple exchanges looking for Arbitrage opportunities.

The system will have two main components:
a) A Scanning engine
b) An execution engine

The Scanning engine will be capable of scanning tens of thousands of cryptocurrency pairs across multiple exchanges, looking for price differences.

The execution engine will be in the 'very low gas' category, to give the best possible chance of making an arbitraging profit, once exchange fees and gas fees are taken into account.

8th June 2023
First Bot on De-Fi Platform.

CyberTrade has released its first 'MEV Bot' onto the Ethereum Blockchain. The Bot is a 'Sandwich' bot. It works by detecting a large incoming 'buy' transaction that is likely to raise the price of a token. It acts to buy the same token (at pre-increased price), just in-front  of the incoming purchase. Then, once the incoming purchase has been made (and the price has risen) the bot immediately sells the tokens at the increased price, to make a profit.

The bot is the first of a planned series of bots that CyberTrade is creating on its developing 'base' platform.

The CyberTrade De-Fi platform will operate across the Ethereum ecosystem. That is, the Ethereum network and numerous other networks that are 'Ethereum Virtual Machine' (EVM) compatible.

There is a long list of EVM compatible blockchains, including; Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche, and Tron.

Taken together, the EVM compatible blockchains and the Exchanges running on them (e.g. Uniswap, PancakeSwap, ApeXPro, QuickSwap, Balancer, KyberSwap etc.) represent the vast majority of De-Fi operations available today.