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7th May 2021
CyberTrade Lists on Owler.

Owler is based in San Mateo, California, USA. The company crowdsources company information and insights. As of May 2021 Owler has over 3.5m active members, using and contributing to the business database. Visit the CyberTrade listing on Owler:
Visit CyberTrade on Owler

Having been accepted on the Owler platform, CyberTrade joins a global information database used by millions of people to track companies and monitor important events such as funding rounds, acquisitions, news, blog posts etc.

Owler enables users to set up a personalised newsfeed, receive a daily snapshot, receive instant insight and view a competitive graph. Owler is used by financial and business analysts to identify candidates for Angel and Capital funding etc.

30th April 2021
CyberTrade Lists on AIN (UK).

CyberTrade is pleased to announce its listing on the Angel Investment Network (AIN) Angel funding platform. The AIN platform is located at: and it brings together businesses looking for investment and investors with capital, contacts and knowledge.

The AIN platform is the largest Angel Investor Network in the UK.

Initially, CyberTrade has set a funding target of £300,000 ($400,000) on the AIN (UK) platform, which is one-third of the overall CyberTrade Angel Funding raising target of £900,000, ($1,200,000). The minimum investment on the AIN is £10,000 ($13,000).

Interested investors may either register on the AIN platform, or contact CyberTrade directly via Email, at

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