CyberTrade Introduction.

Welcome to CyberTrade, Blockchain research & development studio.

CyberTrade is active in the area of Web3, decentralised finance (DeFi) and decentralised applications (dApps).

CyberTrade is the creator of the 'Decentio' triangular arbitrage platform which operates across Decentralised Exchanges (DEX) on the Ethereum Blockchain and compatible blockchains (EVM compatible).

The Decentio platform is a leader terms of bringing triangular arbitrage to the cryptocurrency world and in terms of implementing a sophisticated platform using decentralised blockchain technology.   

Decentio - Decentralised Triangular Arbitrage Platform

CyberTrade - Evolving a a sophisticated Triangular arbitrage platform, trading autonomously and competing effectively in a competitive world.

Decentia - The coming of decentralisation

The Centralisation Problem

It is ironic that in the de-centralised world of the blockchain and crypto currency, the actual killer application' has been the 'centralised' exchange. (e.g. Binance, Coinbase etc).

Centralised exchanges have essentially 'hijacked' the decentralised blockchain and compromised it's security, anonymity and peer-to-peer operation.

Centralised exchanges have introduced considerable risks, especially if trading funds are left on the exchange for any length of time.

Centralised exchanges are at risk of malicious attacks. Trader funds are periodically stolen from centralised exchanges both by external hackers and internal founders/staff.

Centralised exchanges are also prime targets for national 'regulators' who seek to apply legacy regulation (involving loss of privacy and intrusive KYC) to the technologically advanced world of the decentralised blockchain.

Nevertheless, Centralised exchanges have perfomed a useful role in performing as on/off ramps, situated between the centralised conventional world and the decentralised world of the blockchain.

The Price Prediction Problem

Anyone who has experience of price prediction trading at a Crypto exchange can confirm that such trading is difficult, time-consuming and stressful. Especially if performed manually.

The 'learning curve' immediately presents a number of issues:

1. Understanding different types of trading (Price Prediction / Arbitrage / Futures)
2. Learning 'Technical Analysis'.
3. Mastering 'Shorting' and 'Leveraging''.
4. Understanding Fundamental Analysis
5. Reading Market sentiment

Manual trading is complex, time consuming and not very productive..

Decentia - The coming of decentralisation

The CyberTrade Solution - Automated Triangular Arbitrage

CyberTrade's solution is to avoid the uncertainties involved in price-prediction trading and also avoid the risks associated with dealing with centralised exchanges.

Instead, CyberTrade focuses on the 'certainty' inherent within arbitrage trading and the 'integrity' of operating across 'Decentralised' exchanges.

CyberTrade has created Decentio, a 'next-level' decentralised platform for triangular arbitrage trading.

The Decentio Platform comprises modules for, large scale data collection, data analysis, trade evaluation, trade verification and Trade execution.

The 'Decentio' platform operates across a wide range of decentralised exchanges (e.g Uniswap_v2, Uniswap_v3, Sushi Swap, Pancake Swap, ApeX, Aave, Curve, DoDo, Trader Joe etc)

The Decentio platform  is continuously evolving to stay at the forefront of cryptocurrency arbitrage trading. .

CyberTrade - De-Fi Research & Development

The Result

The result is 'pro-active' triangular arbitrage trading, creating profit continiously and without requiring initial trading capital.

This is due to the following:-
1. The use of the 'Flash Loan' concept to fund trades (Unique to Blockchain/De-Fi)
2. The ability to scan huge amounts of crypto trading transactions
3. The ability to apply sophisticated analysis to identify suitable trading paths
4. Performant 'execution' engine.

The Decentio platform is operational and is being developed to further enhance profits.