CyberTrade - Decentia.

Welcome to CyberTrade.

CyberTrade is the creator of the Decentia platform for cryptocurrency arbitrage trading.

Decentia performs fundless, multi-blockchain, multi-exchange, multi-hop, arbitrage trading on the decentralised exchanges (DEX) of the blockchain.

The 'Decentia' name is derrived from 'Decentralised Intelligent Arbitrage'

CyberTrade designed Decientia to create arbitrage trading profits while tackling two difficult issues:

Issue 1. Avoid risks of 'Centralised exchanges' (CEX)
Issue 2. Avoid the uncertainty of 'Price prediction'.

Decentia - Decentralised Intelligent Arbitrage Platform

CyberTrade - Evolving a sophisticated Intelligent arbitrage platform, trading autonomously and competing effectively in a competitive world.

Decentia - Decentralised Intelligent Arbitrage

Issue 1 - Avoid CEX Risks

It is ironic that in the de-centralised world of the blockchain and cryptocurrency, the first killer application' was the 'centralised' exchange (CEX)  (e.g. Binance, ByBit, Coinbase etc).

CEX are not 'blockchain native'. The CEX (Web2) servers, are only 'interfaced' to the (Web 3) blockchain. They therefore compromise the security, anonymity and peer-to-peer operation, of the blockchain by introducing 'centralised control' / Risks.

Traders on CEX exchanges are therefore at risk of being bared and having funds 'frozen'. Also, funds are at risk of being stolen by both internal owners/staff and by external hackers. Traders / investors have no idea about any elaborate risks being taken with their money, behind the scenes. CEX are also 'prime targets' for national regulators  who, due to the 'custody' issue, impose restrictions, intrusive KYC and sieze funds.

CyberTrade decided to never be at the mercy of any centralised platform controlled by other people, because, in cryoto, the people are often the problem.

CyberTrade is mindful of the truism: 'Not your keys, Not your crypto' and for reasons of independence and freedom of action, trades via non-custodial, public, Decentralised exchanges (DEX), running on open/public blockchains.

Issue 2 - Avoid Price Prediction

Anyone who has experienced price-prediction trading (e.g. swing / day trading) at a Crypto exchange, can confirm that such trading is difficult, time-consuming and stressful. Especially if performed manually.

The trading learning-curve immediately presents a number of challenges:

1. Understanding different types of trading (Swing / Day / Futures / Perpetuals etc)
2. Learning 'Technical Analysis'.
3. Mastering 'Shorting' and 'Leveraging''.
4. Understanding Fundamental Analysis
5. Reading Market sentiment

With relatively little obvious information to go on, it is very difficult to make money by predicting whether the price of a cryptocurrency will go up or down, over a period of time.

Decentia - Decentralised Intelligent Arbitrage

CyberTrade Solution -
Decentralised Arbitrage

CyberTrade resolved the CEX and price prediction issues by specialising in arbitrage trading of (current) price differences across 'autonomous' (no people) Decentralised exchanges (DEX).

Decentia performs arbitrage trading across a range of public (Web 3) DEX (e.g Uniswap_v2, Uniswap_v3, Sushi Swap, Pancake Swap, ApeX, Aave, Curve, DoDo etc). Each DEX is hosted on several different blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitum, Optimism etc. The combinations of available blockchains and DEX is constantly increasing, offering more and more combinations / places for DEX arbitrage. The precise number being given by the factorial formula: C(n,s) = n!/(s!(n-s)!) where n is the number of exchanges on a blockchain and s is the number of swaps ('hops') per arbitrage trade.

The Decentia platform comprises main modules/engines for, 'volatility search', 'analysis' and 'trade execution'. Potential arbitrage trades are validated via simulation and only profitable trades are executed. Decentia intelligently finds and exploits new volatility during each trading period.

CyberTrade continuously enhances Decentia, to incorporate new DEX / Blockchains and new trading innovations, to stay at the forefront of cryptocurrency arbitrage trading.

CyberTrade - Decentralised Intelligent Arbitrage (Decentia)

The Result

Decentia is a 'high frequency' intelligent arbitrage trading platform, creating incremental profit, with no trading risk and without requiring any trading capital.

This remarkable capability is due to the following:-
1. The ability to use the 'Flash Loan' concept, to fund trades (Unique to Blockchain)
2. The ability to scan the blockchain to find price volatility
3. The ability to perform multi-hop to find non-obvious arbitrage opportunities
4. The ability to identify sufficiently profitable trades
5. The ability to 'simulate' trades to confirm profitability
6. The ability to 'revert' (cancel) any trade that suddenly becomes unprofitable

The Decentia platform is operational, profitable and is being continuously developed to keep pace with blockchain developments and further enhance profits.

Operating on the public blockchain, Decentia freely accesses all necessary decentralised blockchains and exchanges, without let or hindrance.