Introducing CyberTrade


The mission of CyberTrade is to accelerate capital growth, for the Crypto Beginner and Buy-and-hold communities, via automated trading.

To bring this automation about, CyberTrade plans to bring a family of trading services to market, each one offering a unique opportunity for investors to help fund a specific trading service and to share in the return on investment.

CyberTrade is currently at the funding stage for the first trading services. Investors who would like to be part this new crypto trading venture, should contact CyberTrade  via

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CyberTrade - Automated trading excellence

CyberTrade - Developing investment-worthy crypto trading projects using algorithmic and DeFi trading services to harness crypto market volatility.


The problem

Within the crypto world, retail investors and Institutions, alike, want to accelerate capital growth by trading in the volatile cryptocurrency markets. The problem is that it is difficult and time consuming to trade crypto.

This means that most crypto investors end up with a sub-optimal 'buy & hold' strategy and achieve a relatively low rate of capital growth, due to:-

1. Little/No understanding of Technical Analysis.
2. Inexperience of 'shorting' and 'leveraging''.
3. Lack of DeFi market knowledge
4. Little/No understanding of Options / Futures
5. Inability to select good currency pair(s) to trade.
6. Lack of time both for learning and for trading.

The trading learning curve is simply too steep for most new crypto investors. CyberTrade is addressing the problem by automating trading to accelerate capital growth.

CyberTrade will bring a series of trading tools to market under its 'CyberTrade' brand. Each trading tool represents an investment opportunity for investors.


The Solution
- Automated Crypto Trading

Capital growth is accelerated by using software to switch from a 'static'  (buy-and-hold) strategy to an 'active' trading strategy.

Within Crypto, there are several reliable ways in which software can be used to accelerate capital growth.

For example, one way is to actively trade 'waves' occurring within within price cycles.

In the typical (Elliott) 'wave pattern' shown in the graphic , the profit (P) from 'active trading' is produced from three 'long' trades (P1, P2, P3) plus profit from two 'short' trades (P4 and P5). Provided the moves can be anticipated, the Alpha profit is substantially greater that the 'buy and hold' profit (X to Y).

The 'Alpha' amount substantially increases the profit, as compared to a passive 'buy-and-hold' strategy and is an important component of capital growth acceleration.

CyberTrade plans to offer investors the opportunity to invest in an Elliot-wave style trading service.

Click to see the Whitepaper: CyberTrade WhitePaper

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

The Result

In general, automated trading accelerates capital growth, as compared to 'buy-and-hold'.

This is due to the following:-

1. Automation intensifies the trading
2. Automation identifies good entry and exit positions (good risk to reward ratios)
3. Automation enables trading as the market rises (Long positions) and as the market falls (short positions).
4. Automation enables safe use of reasonable levels of leverage
5. Automation enables trading using multiple trading instruments
6. Automation orchestrates trading instrument activation/deactivation according to market conditions.

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Historical Precident

In conventional markets, the trend towards automated trading started around 2003. In European and US equitybstock markets, automated trading now handles over 80% of trade volume. Today, little stock market or foreign exchange trading is performed manually. Also, derivatives trading (e.g. options and futures) is largely automated using computer networks and complex term structures.

However, in Cryptocurrency, it is currently the other way around, the majority of investors are either trading manually or are making passive investments.

The nascent crypto sector has simply not had time to deliver automation into the hands of crypto investors. Simultaneously, new innovations such as DeFi have created new markets with novel and inviting trading instruments (e.g. Flash loan arbitrage trading).

The result is a cryptocurrency market where the potential for using software to automate trading services, to accelerate capital growth, is large and growing.

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CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

CyberTrade and the Crypto Ecosystem

Within cryptocurrency, there are over 500 exchanges, in several categories, including: Spot, Futures/Options and Derivatives. Some exchanges have a centralised exchange architecture (CEX), others have a decentralised exchange (DEX) architecture.

As an 'exchange independent' operation, CyberTrade can reach out to all such categories to utilise one or more of their available trading instruments.

For example, Spot and Options can be combined to create a long term trade, with leverage. This trade may be vulnerable to volatility and margin call on leverage, so, options having the opposite effect may be used.

CyberTrade can also create 'blockchain native' Smart Contracts, to access de-centralised exchanges (DEXs) to utilise a range of financial instruments available (in DeFi recipes / money legos), to generate yield.

Click to see the CyberTrade whitepaper: CyberTrade whitepaper

The Tools

The overall aim of CyberTrade is to provide a range of seed funding investment opportunities, one for each trading service developed.

Investors will be invited to invest in whichever service(s) they are interested in and share in resulting profits.

with investors being able to decide which services they wish to invest in.

In that way, CyberTrade will progressively create a mix of algorithmic / quantitative and innovative DeFi trading services

The mix will ensure that, whatever the market conditions, there are trading services available that are producing alpha yield and accelerating capital growth.

Using underlying crypto assets and crypto derivatives, CyberTrade is at liberty to trade seamlessly across several asset classes (Crypto, Crypto Forex, Crypto Commodities and Crypto Stocks).

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CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

DeFi Yield Farming Example

The graphic illustrates an innovative DeFi yield farming example. This strategy centres around yEarn and three Decentralised Exchanges namely Aave, Compound and dYdX.

The process starts with the deposit of stable coins, DAI, USDC, UST, TUSD or yCRV, which are converted into yUSD which facilitates yield farming on three tiers:

Tier 1. - Money Markets
- Seek out ROI by obtaining the highest yields on offer within Aave, Compound and dYdX.

Tier 2. - Y Curve Pool
- Provide liquidity to to earn yield from fees charged on stablecoin swaps.

Tier 3.- Sustainable Yield
- Use 'community developed' yield strategies to harvest CRV rewards produced in Tier 2 and recycle the profits into yUSD.

CyberTrade proposes to develop a Yield Farming ecosystem which operates automatically to produce yield for crypto investors.



The CyberTrade Whitepaper is available on the Medium publishing platform:

CyberTrade Whitepaper

The whitepaper describes how Alpha Yield is generated using automated cryptocurrency trading services that harness market volatility.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

market need

The cryptocurrency market has an inherent need to accelerate capital growth for Alpha Yield by utilising high quality, automated trading services.

DeFi Market need

There is little point in many DeFi projects developing complex trading services themselves. It's better to plug-in ready-made services, as required.

investor need

Investors have a need to invest in quality cryptocurrency projects, solving real problems and having a realistic chance of delivering return on investment.