Things to know about CyberTrade

CyberTrade Introduction.

1. CyberTrade is a Blockchain design & development consultancy, delivering next-gen (Web3), decentralised finance (DeFi) applications (dApps).

2. CyberTrade uses Blockchain and Fin-Tech know-how to deliver DeFi applications, based upon ERC 20 (Fungible) , ERC 721 (Non fungible [NFT]) and ERC 1151 (Multi-Token / Mixed-Token) standards.

3. In particular, CyberTrade specialises in developing applications and algorithms which generate 'Maximal Extracted Value' (MEV), by performing a number of operations that affect blocks as they are being formed.

4. In general the operations re-order, include and censor transactions within blocks being formed, enabling efficiency to be improved and value to be extracted.

CyberTrade - Automated DeFi excellence

CyberTrade - Delivering investment-worthy Decentralised Finance applications that are safe / secure and which fully respect user privacy.


The Centralisation Problem

It is ironic that in the de-centralised world of the blockchain and crypto currency, the actual killer application' has been the 'centralised' exchange. (e.g. Binance, Coinbase etc).

Such centralised exchanges break all the rules when it comes to peer-to-peer networks such as blockchain. Centralised exchanges have essentially 'hijacked' the blockchain and compromised it's security, anonymity and peer-to-peer operation. Worse still, the centralised exchanges have enabled centralised stable coins, with all the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD), about whether those stablecoins maintain adequate reserves.

Centralised exchanges are prime targets for cyber attacks. Trader funds are periodically stolen from centralised exchanges. Sometimes the attack comes from an external source, at other times it comes from an internal source (e.g. 'Exit Scam'). This 'centralisation' exposes the crypto investors to considerable risk

Centralised exchanges are also prime targets for national 'regulators' who seek to apply traditional regulation (e.g. loss of privacy and KYC) to the technologically advanced world of the decentralised blockchain.

The Trading Knowledge Problem

It is an unfortunate fact that most newbie crypto traders have no real understanding of the trading basics:-

1. Technical Analysis.
2. Shorting' and 'Leveraging''.
3. DeFi market knowledge
4. Options / Futures
5. Selecting good currency pair(s) to trade.
6. Select a good crypto project to invest in.
6. The time required to learn about crypto and and trading.

The trading learning curve is simply too steep for most new crypto investors.
CyberTrade is able to mitigate the learning curve and accelerate solution delivery.


The Solution,
Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Automation

CyberTrade solves the 'risk' problem by avoiding a 'centralised' architecture. DeFi services delivered by CyberTrade are decentralised.

CyberTrade projects are therefore 'non custodial', meaning that trading funds always remain in the custody of the trader(s). Trading profits are remitted to the beneficiary at the earliest practical moment.

CyberTrade solves the 'knowledge' problem by implementing its own trading knowledge within decentralised trading software and by enabling rules and algorithms to consistently deliver an 'expert-level' trading service to the trader(s)

For example, In the typical (Elliott) 'wave pattern' shown in the graphic , the profit (P) from 'active trading' is produced from three 'long' trades (P1, P2, P3) plus profit from two 'short' trades (P4 and P5). Provided the moves can be anticipated, the 'Alpha' profit is substantially greater that the 'buy and hold' profit (X to Y).

CyberTrade is able to provide a secure, Elliot-wave style project.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

The Result

In general, automated trading accelerates capital growth, as compared to 'buy-and-hold'.

This is due to the following:-

1. Automation intensifies the trading
2. Automation identifies good entry and exit positions (good risk to reward ratios)
3. Automation enables trading as the market rises (Long positions) and as the market falls (short positions).
4. Automation enables safe use of reasonable levels of leverage
5. Automation enables trading using multiple trading instruments
6. Automation orchestrates trading instrument activation/deactivation according to market conditions.

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Historical Precident

In conventional markets, the trend towards automated trading started around 2003. In European and US equitybstock markets, automated trading now handles over 80% of trade volume. Today, little stock market or foreign exchange trading is performed manually. Also, derivatives trading (e.g. options and futures) is largely automated using computer networks and complex term structures.

However, in Cryptocurrency, it is currently the other way around, the majority of investors are either trading manually or are making passive investments.

The nascent DeFi sector has not had time to deliver automation to the majority of crypto investors, let alone, the majority of investors.

Simultaneously, new innovations within DeFi have created new markets with novel and inviting trading instruments (e.g. Flash loan arbitrage trading).

The result is a DeFi ecosystem where the potential for launching new financial instruments is large and growing.

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CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

DeFi Trading Projects

CyberTrade develops decentralised de-fi projects based upon specific financial instruments.

Financial Instrument projects are released over time and projects/tokens are designed to be launched via decentralised exchanges such as Uniswap.

Using underlying crypto assets and crypto derivatives, CyberTrade is able to launch financial instruments covering a number of asset classes (e.g. Crypto, Crypto Forex, Crypto Commodities and Crypto Stocks).

Each project developed and launched by CyberTrade represents a potential investment opportunity for prospective investors.

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CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services


The CyberTrade Whitepaper is available on the Medium publishing platform:

CyberTrade Whitepaper

The whitepaper describes how Alpha Yield is generated using automated cryptocurrency trading services that harness market volatility.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

market need

The cryptocurrency market has an inherent need for high quality FinTech projects capable of delivering DeFi financial instruments that the crypto market wants to invest in and use.

DeFi Community need

The crypto community needs to move away from centralised platforms to enjoy the security, anonymity and democracy that only de-centralised applications can bring.

investor need

Investors have a need to invest in quality cryptocurrency projects, solving real problems which deliver sucess and competitive return on investment.