CyberTrade is proud to present its 'core' team of talented people, dedicated to developing decentralised financial (DeFi) applications.

CyberTrade suplements its core team, on a project-by-project basis, by contracting specialist talent, working ether locally or remotely.

CyberTrade strives to attract both established and aspiring DeFi talent. Interested parties should make contact using one of the Email addresses shown below.

Founder and Project Lead

Experienced IT 'All rounder'.
Product Manager, Project Manager, Scrum Master and part-time blockchain developer. Holding a degree in Engineering & Computing.

Currently delivering 'decentralised' applications (dApps) incorporating 'smart contracts' using React based front-end web interface with JavaScript and Solidity programming languages, on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Currently working on a Flash Loan Arbitrage Project. Previous projects include: Decentralised Exchange, and a Decentralised yield farm.

Delivered 12 computer projects in 10 years using proven agile delivery methods.
PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner certified.
Professional Scrum Master certified (PSMI and PSMII) at

Investor Relationships

Multi-Lingual (English, Russian, Estonian, German)

Kristina holds a degree in Psychology.

An excellent communicator with international experience within Mobile communications and Broadband industries.

Kristina handles enquiries from investors / organisations seeking to commission DeFi projects using the blockchain.

Potential investors may contact Kristina via

Head of I.T. and Cyber Security

Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CIIE) , Architect and security expert.
[Top 3% of Cisco Certified Network Engineers, world wide].

Kumudu holds a 1st Class Bachelor 's degree (wth distinction) in Network Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Masters Degree (with distinction) in Network Engineering from University College London (UCL).

Kumudu is an expert in banking systems (Commercial and Retail), fraud detection, cyber security and is the CyberTrade security consultant.

Democracy & Governance framework

Client- orientated IT Professional (15 years experience), holding a Masters Degree in Engineering from Oxford University, Mansfield College.

A Certified Microsoft Dynamics Client Relationship Management (CRM) consultant with several years experience developing and implementing stakeholder engagement programmes.

Martin is now utilising his JavaScript development skills as a blockchain developer.

Currently, Martin is developing the CyberTrade 'Governance' module which, is an option, for each project delivered by CyberTrade.

Software Engineering Team Lead

Greg holds a a BSc in Computer Science and is a full stack developer, specialising in Distrubuted Application (DApp) development on the Ethereum blockchain using JavaScript, and Ethereum/Solidity programming languages, utilising the React application framework.

Greg is also a leading evangelist and mentor for the DeFi developer community.

Currently, Greg is creating decentralised financial instruments based upon the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ecosystem; Including application deployment across Ethereum and 'forked' networks (e.g.) and layer 2 solutions (e.g. Polygon [Matic]). Greg has also pionered cross network bridges and applications (e.g. Ethereum / Polkadot bridge.

De-Fi Trading & s/w development

Julian has an analytical background including numerical analysis, calculus, stochastics, covariance and correlations.

Julian has five years of experience developing DeFi trading instruments on the Ethereum blockchain, including other Ethereum Virtual Maching (EVM) compatible networks.

Currently, Julian is researching & developing a range of new trading instruments, in the area of Decentralised Finance (DeFi). This includes work on Flash Loan Arbitrage, Staking and NFT instruments.