Introduction to the team


CyberTrade is a privately funded organisation that develops cryptocurrency Decentralised Finance (De-Fi) trading software for its own use.

The CyberTrade team have specialist knowledge of Arbitrage trading across decentralised exchanges, Decentralised Finance (De-Fi) and of 'Maximum Extractable Value' (MEV) techniques.

Founder / CEO

Victor is the Founder and CEO of CyberTrade.

An experienced IT Professional and Crypto investor, Holding a degree in Computer Science.

Victor is the primary sponsor of CyberTrade and is assisted by the Business Manager.

Victor provides leadership and promotes a 'dynamic' and 'flexible' approach to ensure that the 'Decentia' platform is competitive and is responsive in a rapidly evolving blockchain market.


Kristina is responsible for Financial Accounting.

Kristina handles purchasing and payments.

Kristina has a background working on financials within the mobile communications and Broadband industries.

Head of I.T. and Cyber Security

Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CIIE) , Architect and security expert.
[Top 3% of Cisco Certified Network Engineers, world wide].

Kumudu holds a 1st Class Bachelor 's degree (with distinction) in Network Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Masters Degree in Network Engineering from University College London (UCL).

Kumudu is responsible for the overall security of the Decentia platform and its 'smart contracts'.

Business Manager

Martin holds a Masters Degree from Oxford University, Mansfield College.

His interests include IT, cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading.

Martin's role at Cybertrade is to oversee the Business from a financial point of view, managing the budget and return on investment on behalf of the founder/CEO sponsor

Martin initiated the on-bording process and led the initial investigation into alternative types of trading platforms (Swing trading, day trading, scalping, arbitrage, yield farming etc). He lead the team to select arbitrage trading (on decentralised exchanges).

De-Fi Software Engineering / Team Lead

Greg holds a BSc in Computer Science and is a full stack developer, specialising in Decentralised platform development on the blockchain using JavaScript, Node.js, Solidity and Rust.

Greg is responsible for overall platform architecture and for technical performance, reliability and scalability.

Greg leads the developer team comprising node.js and solidity developers.

Currently, Greg is working across all of the software 'engines' of the Decentia platform. (Volitility Search, Analysis, Trading)

Greg's speciality is 'back-end' Solidity development, aimed at maximising trading profit / minimising blockchain  'gas' fees.

De-Fi Trading / Quantative Analyst and MEV Specialist

Julian has an analytical background including numerical analysis, calculus, stochastics, covariance and correlations.

Julian has five years of experience designing trading algorithms for high frequency trading.

Julian is the designer of the Decentia Platform 'Analysis-engine', which takes in live trading data, identifies profitable arbitrage trades and outputs recommended trades to the back-end trading engine.

Julian is also researching MEV, involving high speed interaction with the Ethereum MemPool to perform: Blind-Arbitrage, Front-Running, Back-Running, Sandwiching and Sniping