CyberTrade Roadmap

2023 /Q3 Decentralised Platform

The creation of a 'base' platform capable of connecting to multiple Ethereum based blockchains, simultaneously, to manage De-Fi operations across the blockchain landscape.

2023/Q4 - Multi-Network, Multi-Exchange Arbitrage Trading.

A multi-network, multi exchange system to discover, rank and execute arbitrage trades. The design includes several 'optimisation' techniques to maximise speed of execution and minimise network 'gas' fees and fees paid to 'validators'.

2024 / Q1


A system, to optimise earnings of additional tokens by dynamically 'locking' up tokens for use in the block validation process of the various Ethereum-based Proof-of-stake (PoS) networks.

2024 / Q2
Yield Farming

A system which earns additional tokens /fees in return for providing liquidity to lending pools at exchanges or at lending platforms.

2024/ Q3
NFT Project

Creation of a decentralised system to enable a community of users to own shares in valuable assets and to participate in the buying and selling of such shares.

2024 / Q4 - Blind atomic MEV Operations

Reverse-engineering and Back-running of very recent (mili-seconds) profitable exchange transactions executed by others, to create an additional transaction of an identical type and earn a profit if the opportunity still exists.