Our Roadmap

2021 /Q1 Website

CyberTrade completes its comprehensive, public facing, website www.CyberTrade.io.

2021/Q2 - Business & Funding Models.

CyberTrade considered several business and funding models. The result was an 'incremental' model in which each trading instrument project is independently funded..

2021 / Q3
Decentralised Commitment

Having considered centralised v hybrid v decentralised approaches, CyberTrade committed itself to specialising in only decentralised applications.

2021 / Q4
Proof of Concept work

- Creation of blockchain dev. environment
- Decentralised Exchange (PoC)
- The decentralised PoC exchanges ERC20 tokens.

2022/ Q1
Flash Load Arbitrage Project (PoC)

- Flash Load Arbitrage dApp
- Scans two decentralised exchanges
- Uniswap and Sushiswapp
- obtains a flashloan from dYd flashloan provider
- executes a cryoto arbitrage for profit

2022 / Q2 - Yield Farming  Project (PoC)

- Stake funds / receive yield
- Typical APY 1% - 30%
- Monitor most profitable yield farms
- Keep switching farms to actively maximise yield

2022 / Q3 - NFT Project (PoC)

- Enable creatives to create NFT collections
- Upload / Store on Inter Planetary File System
- Mint NFT's
- Publish NFT collections on OpenSea
- Publish NFT collections specific website

2022 / Q4 - Decentralised Algorithmic Trading Project (PoC)

- Capture trading data
- Create backtesting database
- Develop DeFi algorithmic trading instrument
- Publish Launch Website

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services


The road-map covers the high level plan for the creation and delivery of crypto projects, each offering an investment opportunity.


Agile development principles are used to develop, test and release working software at regular, short intervals, to minimise project risk.


Agility enables Individual trading services to be delivered for use just as soon as they are available.