CyberTrade is designed to utilise a library of Technical Analysis Indicators to inform platform decision making

The technical analysis is obtained by combining indicators and is fed fed into the the decision making process of the platform.

Like expert traders, CyberTrade knows that different indicators tend to work well  in particular market conditions.

Like expert traders, CyberTrade knows how to  combine a multiple indicators so that signals are matched to market conditions.

Technical analysis is combined with Fundamental and Sentiment analysis to provide the overall Market analysis.

Overall Market analysis is fed into the 'Game Plan' module to decide the trading strategy for current the current trading session.

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CyberTrade Indicators & Oscillators

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Technical Indicator - Library


The Candlestick family of indicators analyse trading charts and generate buying and selling signals for trading services.


The Aroon indicator uses the duration since the last high or low to determine if a particular currency is trending and how strongly.

Bollinger Bands

The Bollinger Band indicator measures volatility. If the coin price hits the top band a sell signal is generated and vice versa.

Elliot Wave

The Elliot Wave indicator counts and measures Elliot wave patters to help set entry and exit points.


The Fibonacci indicator applies Fibonacci analysis to high and low points, to generate buy and sell signals.

Manual BUY/Sell

The Manual Buy/Sell indicator allows an option to manually override / set fixed prices for buying and selling


The fractals indicator, looks for repeating candlestick patterns at every time-frame to generate signals.

ichi clouds

Ichi (Ichimoku) cloud is a sophisticated indicator which detects trends, trend direction and trend reversal.


The Kaufman, Adaptive Moving Average (KAMA), uses the moving average adapt to market conditions.


The Momentum indicator is used to measure the momentum of market moves. It is often used to confirm market trend indicators.


The Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator It is often used in times of high volatility to confirm price swings.

relative strength index

The relative strength indicator compares recent gains to recent losses to determine over bought and over sold conditions.

moving average

Moving Average indicators (SMA/EMA) Calculate the moving average price over a period of time to create buy / sell signals.

stochastic oscillator

The Stochastic indicator is a momentum indicator comparing current price with a recent price range, to create signals.

Long / Short

Compares the number of long trades with the number of short trades to reveal the balance of opinion about market direction


The platform design includes a full full range of indicators (Support & Resistance, Trend, Momentum, Volume, Volatility etc). These are used to create reliable trading signals across a wide range of possible trading conditions.


The platform includes a full range of indicators that work within a band. These oscillators are often used to indicate over bought and undersold conditions. They provide valuable input into Technical Analysis.

expert trader

Indicators and oscillators are combined to provide key inputs into Technical Analysis. This enables the trading service to trade like an expert trader, to generate trading profits. This confers value on the trading platform increases the token value.