In a Zero Sum Game Intelligence Matters

CyberTrade aims to fuse the best of human intelligence and artificial intelligence to enable the trading services to compete with anyone/anything.

The CyberTrade architecture includes a control system to plan and apply winning trading strategies.

The Market analysis is obtained by combining Technical, Fundamental and Sentiment analysis.

The Planning loop begins with the collection of data feeds from leading decentralised exchanges (DEX).

The Platform uses state of the art analysis to turn the market analysis into a dynamic game plan.

Technical analysis is obtained by rigorously analysing data using eight categories of indicators and functions.

The Game plan creates a trading strategy, which configures and manages a collection of services to do the trading.


CyberTrade - Game Plan

AI Game Planning.

The Game Planning module of the platform is a key module which uses artificial intelligence to provide the intelligence of a skilled trader.

Comprehensive Market analysis is used to reveal likely market direction and strength.

Armed with market analysis information the Game Plan module comes up with an appropriate Trade Strategy,


AI Game planning &  trading strategy.

Game Planning informs the Trading strategy how to trade, in terms of what types of trading services are required for the current market conditions. For example, the services will generally be different in a trending market as compared to a ringing market.

The Trading strategy immediately provisions those services, and populates them with all the required settings.

Trading then begins on the required trading exchange(s).and trading pairs.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

AI Game Planning Dynamically monitors the market.

Game Planning monitors the live market analysis data and is able to adjust to changing market conditions by creating a new game plan and trading strategy.

For example market analysis might indicate the market changing from a trending market to a ranging (trading sideways) market.

The Game planning will produce a new game plan and implement a new trading strategy using trading services that perform well in a sideways market.

Changes to the game plan and the trading strategy are handled automatically.


Generating trading profit while mitigating risk.

The Game Plan decides the trading strategy in terms of which trading services (e.g. Swing Trading, Arbitrage, Stake Trading etc), will be used and how they will be used (e.g. Long/Short, Leverage, Exit/Entry etc.).

The Game plan also specifies the the Safeties and Insurances to be applied to those services help make profitable trades at minimum risk.

As part of the platform's quality assurance procedures, every proposed trade strategy is rapidly back tested to help ensure it is a viable trading strategy in the conditions. Strategies are also forward tested using 'paper trading'.  Any strategy that fails quality assurance (QA) will be replaced with a new strategy that passes the QA tests.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

Game Planning centric system.

CyberTrade is designed to harness the power of Artifical Intelligence to provide a competitive edge.

A game plan has to be dynamic, which means that it is automatically updated as market conditions change.

CyberTrade - Control Loop.

The CyberTrade system is designed as a closed loop control system where the objective is to generate trading profits while managing risk.

Cryptocurrency markets , at exchanges, are constantly scanned and data is technically analysed. Network fundamentals are obtained by analysing actual cryptocurrency network traffic. Sentiment is obtained by analysing feeds from social networks such as Twitter.

The combined Market Analysis is passed through an Artifical Intelligence engine, to produce a 'game plan' suitable for the prevailing market conditions.

The game plan is excecuted by the Trading Engine, which delivers trading services to the accounts of retail traders, at the exchanges.


A combination of analysis, including Technical, (indicators and oscillators) Fundamental (network user and transaction growth) and Sentiment (Social networks, news).

Game Plan

It is here that AI is used as an 'expert trader' to interpret the Market Analysis as a game plan' to be executed by a trading strategy on the platform

Trading strategy

Trading strategy is responsible for selecting, populating and running the required trading services, in order to carry out the current game plan.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services