The creation of quality trading services requires that the services are supported by first-class indicators, safeties and assurances.

Traders know that they need to switch to different combinations of assurances when market conditions change.

The role of Assurances is to 'Quality Assure' the trader that trade signals are only acted upon, if it is safe and sensible to do so.

The CyberTrade design incorporates the use of artificial intelligence (AI) (from the beginning) to categorise current market conditions and inform the trading system of change.

Skilled traders know how to combine a multiple assurances as part of a solid trading strategy in prevailing market conditions.

The CyberTrade system dynamically applies new combinations of assurances, to optimise trading performance.


CyberTrade Assurances

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services



Overcome Fees

Overcome Fees is the most commonly used assurance. The assurance checks that the trade will cover the buy and sell trade fees to make a profit.

overcome double fees

Overcome Double Fees is a popular assurance. The assurance checks that the trade will cover double the buy and sell fees.


Price assurance is a generic term covering a number of ways in which the assurance blocks trades that do not meet specified price criteria.

price - never buy higher

The Never-Buy-Higher assurance prevents an order being placed at a higher price than the last selling price.

price - Never sell lower

The never-Sell-lower assurance prevents a sell order being placed which is for less than the last buy price.

price - absolute price change

This Absolute-Price-Change assurance evaluates a trade signal to ensure that the price has changed by an absolute amount.

price - percentage price change

The Percentage-Price-Change evaluates a trade signal to ensure that the price has changed by a user specified change.

profit / loss (P/L)

The P/L assurance is a generic term for a group of assurances that block trades that do not meet specified criteria.

P/L - Be profitable in x trades

The P/L Be-Profitable-In-X-trades assurance disables a service if not profitable over a user specified number of trades.

P/L - disable on losses

The P/L Disable-On-Losses assurance disables a service if, over all trades the overall profit of the service is negative.

P/L - Stay profitable

The P/L - Stay Profitable assurance calculates the total gain over a number of trades. Any new loss-making trade will be blocked.


The trend assurance is a generic term covering a number of ways in which trading is restricted to market certain conditions.

trend - Trade only sideways

The Trade-Only-Sideways assurance ensures that trading can only take place when the market is trading sideways.

trend - Trade only trending

The Trade-Only-trending assurance ensures blocks trade signals that are generated during stable market conditions.

TREND - Avoid Crash

The Trend - Avoid crash ensures that trading does not occur when the market is in a crash situation

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services


Assurances are further 'constraints' that are to be taken into account, before a trade is placed.
Automated trading services take the relevant assurances into account, to help ensure trade profitability.

trading control

Intelligent trading services dynamically apply or release Assurances, as required, This helps provide the control required to produce consistent trading results, for the end user trader.


Assurances, expertly applied, help produce consistently profitable trading results, overall. This consistency produces a feeling of confidence in the trading services which increases reputation.