It's difficult to create trading services that work well. Much depends on the quality of the Market analysis and the inputs to services that deliver the trading profits.

Potential services have to be 'back tested' then 'paper traded' to test the trading strategy in the current market conditions.

CyberTrade Market Analysis occurs in near real time and combines Fundamental, Technical and Sentiment Analysis to provide full Market analysis.

CyberTrade is also in a good position, to incorporate AI to assess the risks involved with the new candidate strategies.

Within CyberTrade potential new services will be appearing on a continual basis and promising candidates will be promoted to live trading.

A promoted candidate is used to 'populate' a trading service, receive funds and deliver a new trading service.


CyberTrade - Service Generation


CyberTrade - Cybernetics

human intelligence (hi)

Within CyberTrade Human Intelligence (HI) is used to 'code' standard algorithms to achieve the status of an automated trading platform.

Human intelligence also has a value in responding to unexpected 'external events'. For example, Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Legal (PESTEL) events that affect global cryptocurrency trading markets.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

CyberTrade is in a great position to incorporate AI from the very beginning of the project. AI will be used to actively search for 'winning' trade strategies.

AI may also used to scan the market, continuously, looking for 'anomalies'. This can provides warning of say, market manipulation. CybertTade AI may provide some protection against manipulation by whales and market makers.


CyberTrade is a strong proponent of Cybernetics . In particular, the beneficial interaction of Human and Artificial Intelligence.

The overall trend in cryptocurrency is to automate trading as far as possible. However, in practice, there are distinct and valuable advantages in adding artificial intelligence to produce best results / profits overall.

CyberTrade - Decentralised Intelligent Arbitrage (Decentia)

Service Generation and delivery.

DeFi application developers and end users can count on CyberTrade to continuously develop new, innovative, trading services.

Firstly, CyberTrade constantly research, develops and delivers successful new trading services. Ultimately, this leads to applications utilising contemporary trading services and switching, dynamically, between services, as necessary.

Secondly, CyberTrade delivers trading services by the best delivery mechanism possible. So, while many services will be delivered via real-time web / blockchain services, other delivery approaches, will be considered when on-line real-time services are not the best delivery mechanism.


Dynamic responses to changing trading conditions.

CyberTrade is designed to monitor trading conditions and make smart decisions as a result of continuous Technical Analysis.

It is also designed to orchestrate trading services to ensure that only the right services with the right appropriate settings are in use during particular trading conditions.

CyberTrade is designed to deliver services to DeFi applications that are similar in quality to those of professional Quants operating an automated trading platform at a hedge fund or investment bank.

CyberTrade - Decentralised Intelligent Arbitrage (Decentia)

Smart detection of market anomolies.

The CyberTrade service design includes using Aritificial Intelligence / Machine Learning to detect market anomolies.

An anomolie is a price action which is contradictory to the expected behavior. The detection of such anomolies represent valuable opportunities for traders.

Anomolies are know to be related to several entities, such as the calendar (e.g Weekends, holidays, end of month, end of year, etc), momentum and value.

CyberTrade believes that it worth analysing trading behaviour to identify such anomolies and knowing what action to take , when they occur.


Advanced trading functionality, as used by trading professionals.

CyberTrade is designed to use Technical Analysis and to combine algorithms, strategies, safeties and Insurances to help make profitable trades at minimum risk.

Internally, the platform provides, back-testing, simulation (paper trading) and performance analysis to generate quality (tried and tested) trading services..


The design of the system is generic and flexible. The design provides for easy incorporation of trading services into DeFi applications.


The nature of the design, lends itself to implementation in an object-orientated programming language, providing polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation and Data Abstraction.


The platform shall be deployed as a set of web services, to facilitate quick and easy implementation into the application of DEeFi developers.