CyberTrade spent most of November preparing financial models, to prepare the way for financial discussions and agreements.

The results include an updated business model, including an updated cashflow and business forecast.

The work also led to the identification of four funding stages:

  1. Venture Capital / Investment Fund stage (Now + Q1 2021)
  2. Private Investment Professional stage (Q2 2021)
  3. Public Pe-ICO Investment stage (Q3 2021)
  4. Initial Coin Offering (Public) (Q4 2021)

These stages address the desires of different types of investors to gain access to early stage investment, prior to the ICO.

CyberTrade is confident that its business model provides sufficient incentives for investors to contribute seed capital.

The seed capital will be utilised to develop the overall architecture, design and coding required to produce the initial trading services.

The initial trading services will be able to provide 'proof-of-concept' and support the ICO funding round. Funds resulting from the ICO will be used to expand the Trading services available.

ICO funds will also be used for marketing purposes.