Thankfully, we have reached the end of 2020. All the best for 2021!

During the last month of the 2020, CyberTrade has attended to some important business issues.

Firstly, financial modelling, to support the up and coming funding rounds was completed. We believe that we have solid and attractive packages for investors.

Secondly, CyberTrade started to consider it's architecture. To provide a solid framework, CyberTrade has adopted the TOGAF methodology and framework, developed by the Open group. Consequently, we have now embarked on the TOGAF Architecture development Method (ADM). The first three elements of ADM are currently being addressed:-

  1. Business Architecture
  2. Information Systems Architecture
  3. Technology Architecture

Adherence to the ADM provides CyberTrade with a systematic method for its development as a Decentralised Organisation. This is important because creating a such an organisation requires strict adherence to decentralised principles.

When software development commences, during 2021, it will take place within a solid architectural framework.