2020 ended with product announcements that illustrate the tremendous pace of Cryptocurrency development in general and in the DeFi space in particular.
With thousands of software development teams currently working on DeFi projects, DeFi is crossing over into mainstream finance.
The main December announcements applicable to automated trading include:-

Loopring announce zkRollup AMM on Loopring 3.6

  • Loopring, the Level 2 protocol and the force behind many Decentralised Exchanges (DEX) is getting a major update.
  • Zero Knowledge Rollups speed up transaction validations to enable an Automated Market Maker to process thousands of transactions a second.
  • Loopring 3.6 benefits are used to enable Gas free instant swaps and Gas free liquidity provision.
  • This is great news for traders as Loopring 3.6 provides more trading features and more mechanisms to lower trading fees and retain trading profits.

Aave announce Aave V2

  • The DeFi lending pioneer just announced v2 of its spectacularly successful protocol.
  • Aave's famous 'no-collateral' Flash loans now support Batch Flash-loans of multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously.
  • Other new features: Yield & Collateral swap, Flash liquidations, Credit delegation, Stable & Variable rate borrowing.
  • The new features will greatly increase the number of permutations possible within DeFi trading recipes (aka Money Lego).

Graph Protocol launched on Ethereum mainnet.

  • The company providing a data layer to the blockchain smart contracts, launched on Ethereum network on 18th December.
  • Leading DeFi Customers Announced: Aave, Uniswap, Synthetix, Chainlink, CoinGeko, Coin Market Capital.
  • Metrics: 3,800 subgraphs up-and-running. 21 of the top 25 DeFi projects are using Graph Protocol.
  • There is a good chance that CyberTrade will adopt Graph during 2021.

Dow Jones will launch cryptocurrency indices in 2021.

  • Reuters (London) revealed that S&P Dow Jones will release crypto indicies during 2021.
  • Latest example of 'acceptance' by previously sceptical financial community.
  • Indices will be calculated using the top 550 cryptocurrencies.