CyberTrade - Smart, Active,Trading


Smart trading services use mathematical algorithms to and Artificial intelligence to automatically execute buy and sell orders. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to decide which trading methods should be deployed in particular market conditions. This means that the CyberTrade services have the 'smarts' to create profit in all situations


Active trading means that the trading services are constantly trading. Whether the market is going up, down or sideways.
The trading services do all of the thinking and all of the heavy lifting. The services generate yield and add to funds in the investor's own account.

trading Services

The CyberTrade ambition is to become a one-stop-shop for receiving yield from a variety of underlying trading services. CyberTrade will therefore invest seed capital into software development.
The development plan will deliver trading instruments at regular intervals using the Agile software development framework.

Finally, a happy path for busy investors and DeFi developers alike.

Anyone who has traded manually knows what a time-consuming and stressful experience it really is.

Any developers who have tried to develop useful automatic trading algorithms also knows that they are very difficult to design and develop.

A big part of the problem is that it takes a lot of resources to set up the required centre of excellence.

CyberTrade proposes to cultivate a community of Algos, Quants, Traders and Developers to develop the necessary technology and then make it commercially available to those who want to use it, in the most simple way possible.

This approach represents the 'happy path' that can result in many happy investors and many happy DeFi app builders.


Trading services that are not tied to a specific platform.

Some trading services are designed to run within the confines of a particular application / platform.

CyberTrade has been conceived to provide yield generating services to crypto investors, without any centralised platform.

In addition to the standard dApp, CyberTrade may also provide an API and a 'reference' App. to third party apps for developers to integrate into their own crypto application(s).

CyberTrade aims to become a one-stop-shop for yield producing crypto trading services.

CyberTrade may therefore be provide underlying trading services to the crypto community at large, to transform crypto investing.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

A truly DeFi, non-custodial approach to trading.

With good timing, CyberTrade is able to capitalise on the crypto paradigm shift to 'Decentralised Finance' and incorporate the DeFi principles into its new products / services.

CyberTrade is implementing DeFi trading services that operate across a range of crypto exchanges on a non-custodial basis.

The result will be an incredibly efficient CyberTrade DeFi Organisation operating at maximum efficiency with good volumes, low costs and good profits.


A crypto trading project on the side of the crypto investor.

CyberTrade is 100% dedicated to promoting the best interests of the investor.

Unlike many 'Broker' platforms, CyberTrade has no interest in betting against the investor / trader, or expounding an inverse narrative.

Due to its business model, there is 100% alignment of CyberTrade needs with the needs of the investors it serves.

Also, CyberTrade is financially motivated to reduce trading fees / increase trading profits by trading on crypto exchanges that charge minimum fees.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

The emmerging DEX world.

The Spot and Derivatives markets of the cryptocurrency world are now being joined by so-called 'Decentralised' exchanges (DEX).

The graphic shows the relative market shares of exchanges within the DEX ecosystem.

Some of the DEX use Automated Market Making (AMM) Smart Contracts and liquidity pools. The AMM Smart Contract replaces the traditional Order Book. Market participants interact with the AMM rather than with each other. AMM based exchanges support trading instruments such as Flash loans, Arbitrage and Yield Farming (aka Liquidity Mining).

Order Book Market Making (OBMM) based exchanges support trading instruments such as currency pair trading (Scalping, Day trading, Swing trading).

The sheer amount of innovation, difference and variety within the DEX ecosystem provides plenty of market inefficiency and opportunities for profitable trading.


Smart Contracts and Growth Rate

CyberTrade proposes to utilise 'the smart contracts' of the Ethereum network to perform its trading activities.

Smart contracts are 'Ethereum Native' and are faithful to the design principles of of the blockchain.

Utilising smart contracts will enable CyberTrade to operate as a decentralised organisation, with low overheads and high financial efficiency. This will enable CyberTrade to produce maximum profit for Crypto Investors.

The monthly growth rate in smart contracts used for trading (now in excess of 3m contracts per month) is illustrated by the graphic. The growth trend is expected to continue during 2021 and beyond, as adoption accelerates.

CyberTrade is creating its trading infrastructure using smart contracts (Ethereum / Solidity computer programs) and proposes to harness the high grow rate of Smart Contracts.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

Reduced Regulatory footprint.

CyberTrade is designed as a Non-Custodial, Decentralised Organisation (DAO), with a minimal regulatory footprint.

That means that there is NO 'central repository' of funds. Traders keep custody of their funds.

CyberTrade is essentially providing computer software which generates trading services. The crypto investor choses to use the trading services and is in total control in terms of being able to turn them on and off, as required.

Due to the decentralised design, CyberTrade expects that its regulatory obligations will be relatively low.


How CyberTrade Delivers.

CyberTrade embraces 'open systems' and encourages third parties to cooperate to provide an ecosystem of crypto trading applications (dApps).

Conceptually, the ecosystem comprises a three layer model:-

1. The 'trading service provider' layer. This is the 'Smart Contract' component that performs the actual crypto trading.

2. The CyberTrade 'service catalogue' layer which provides an interface for application developers.

3. Application provider layer. This layer provides the 'front-end' applications used by crypto investors.

This approach enables the CyberTrade ecosystem to quickly produce a matrix of available trading services.

a growing need

Given the inexperience and limited free-time most investors, the answer to generating 'Alpha Yield' lies in automated trading.

As the cryptosphere population climbs, demand for simple-to-use automated trading services also climbs.

A growing solution

As CyberTrade evolves, new underlying trading services will evolve to meet customer need for yield.

CyberTrade services are designed as a simple-to-integrate trading services, used by both CyberTrade and other DeFi projects.

a growing opportunity

As the CyberTrade user base grows, CyberTrade revenue will grow.

Given increased usage along with increased staking of the CYBER tokens, CYBER tokens should become scarce, causing the price of the token to rise.