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Introduction to CyberTrade

CYBER Token Roadmap.

Private Token & Equity Offering 1: (Now, Target ,$1.2m)
Private Angel Funding round: 20% of 240m CYBER tokens will be distributed = 48m tokens of which 85% 40.8m are offered to Angel investors at advantageous prices. The remaining 15% (7.2m) being allocated to the team.

(In addition, at this stage), Angel Investors may buy equity shares in the company CyberTrade Ltd.

Private Token Offering 2: (Q4 2021, Target = $0.61m)
To satisfy requests from retail traders for an opportunity for supporters to buy tokens at pre-ico prices, a private pre-sale shall offer 5% of 240m tokens (12m tokens), at prices mid-way between the Angel funding round and the proposed ITO/IEO/IDO 'strike price' (T.B.D.). Of which 85% are offered to Angel investors and 15% will be distributed to the team. Token offering 2, is expected to follow the same pattern as offering 1.

Public Token Offering 3: (Q2 2022, Target = $4.6m
Public (ITO/IEO/IDO) Sale (Q2 2022) 25% of 240m CYBER tokens will be distributed = 60m CYBER tokens shall be offered at the ITO/IEO/IDO strike price. Of which 85% are offered to investors and 15% will be distrubuted to the team. (T.B.D). Token offering 3, is expected to follow the same pattern as Token offerings 1 and 2.

After rounds 1,2 and 3, a total of 120m CYBER tokens will have been distributed, to raise $a total of $6.41m. The remaining 120m tokens, will be retained to enable future fund raising and and to support ongoing operations, e.g. staking rewards, to provide tokens for 'gas' purchases and for bug detection bounty (5% of the remaining 120m tokens) etc.

Private Pre-Sale Event (Q4 2021)

In response to requests from small investors to be able to access CYBER tokens at pre-ico prices, CyberTrade plans to enable supporters to acquire CYBER tokens at pre-ITO prices during Q4 2021.

The sale funds received shall be used to strengthen the CyberTrade finances, prior to the ITO/IEO/IDO scheduled for Q2 2022.

It is anticipated that the majority of the funds received will be earmarked, for the market launch campaign, to raise awareness of CyberTrade's new automated trading services, across the Crypto community at large.


Tokenomics and Equity Share sale (Q2 2022)

The CYBER utility token is an ERC20 token, based upon the Ethereum network.

The Utility of the CYBER token arises from:

a) An interest bearing 'staking' mechanism (Typically 5% to 10%)

b) The need for traders to pay for 'gas' required to keep the trading services running.

Both mechanisms create a demand for (fixed-supply) CYBER tokens and help to drive the price of the token in a free market.

During the private Seed Funding found (only), approx. 20% of the share equity of is available so that, in addition to buying CYBER tokens, Angel investors may also buy equity shares in the company CyberTrade Ltd.

The equity share offering involves privately transferring  'Ordinary' shares, with full, voting, capital and dividend rights.

Click to enquire about investing in CyberTrade: invest@CyberTrade.io

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

Public ITO/IEO/IDO Event
(Q2 2022)

The CyberTrade ITO/IEO/IDO is scheduled to coincide with the release of the initial automated trading services.

The initial token offering event will be accompanied by a calendar count down, supported by marketing campaigns and a number of online events (e.g. Live interviews / AMA etc).

The token issuance will be scheduled to start at a specified time/day  The allotted tokens will be issued on that day and the token sale will continue until all tokens are sold.

Given the general level of interest in cryptocurrency token sales, generally, and trading services in particular, the CYBER ICO tokens may be bought up relatively quickly.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

Multiple Advantages for early investors.

Overall, CyberTrade offers Angel Investors, 6 distinct advantages:

1. CYBER Token Price Appreciation.
2. Opportunity to recoup initial investment
3. CYBER Staking rewards
4. Interest bearing loan option: Loan + Interest
5. Equity Option: Equity Share Price Appreciation
6. Equity Option: Equity Share Dividends

Interested investors should Email invest@CyberTrade.io  indicating proposed amount of investment and asking for full details of the CyberTrade proposition.


Our Testimonials

I have been looking for this

I have been in Crypto since 2017 when Bitcoin was rising and rising. I still do HODL
I tried trading manually using TradingView and Coinigy. But i don't have the time to sit in front of a screen every day.

Manual trading is too stressful for my liking. CyberTrade is providing a yield on my investment based upon automated trading services. That sounds like a great solution.

Peter Simon

Business Analyst, Canada


There are crowd funding events out there which provide little or nothing in return
I really like that I can be a legal shareholder in CyberTrade and attend the AGM. I also like the fact that in addition to earning interest on CYBER staked, i can earn a dividend on my CyberTrade shares, all while actively trading!

I'm impressed. CyberTrade have really thought about their offer to investors.

Alicia Kazinci

Web Designer, London

Simply the best OFFER

CyberTrade have certainly come up with a great offer for Angel investors:

- CYBER Token price discount
- Equity Shares
- Load / Debt equity investment option
- 5% to 10% Cyber Staking reward
- Equity Share dividends

I don't expect to see a better offer !

Paula Annenkov

Translator, USA

This will make me more efficient

When i trade manually, it's very inefficient.
I know how to go-long I don't know how to go-short

I often miss out when the market falls. It can take weeks or even months for the market to return to an upswing.

If CyberTrade can do the hard work and pay me a yield, that's fine by me.

Lamin Danso

Enterprenur, Gambia


The majority of new Retail Investors are part-timers who lack formal training and trading experience. This results in 75% losing substantial amounts of money in the first year of trading cryptos.


Retail investors can use a mobile phone to obtain a yield from automated trading services which use algorithmic logic and and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform trades like an experienced trader.


The existence of a real need and a genuine solution, creates an opportunity to invest in a trading service. Tokens bought at preferential rates at the start can be expected appreciate as the platform grows.