The CyberTrade utility token is the CYBER, an Ethereum ERC20 token, which performs two utility roles:-

1. Staking
In common with other De-Fi projects, CyberTrade will offer token holders a guaranteed rate of return (expected to be between 5% and 10%) as a reward for 'staking' (not selling) CYBER tokens.

2. Gas
To cover blockchain transactions fees and other blockchain computation/storage costs, traders will be obliged to pay for 'gas' using CYBER tokens.

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CyberTrade is currently raising its seed capital by means of an Angel funding round.

The Angel Funding round is open now. The min. investment is $13,000 (£10,000) [Payable in Eth].

Token are offered in highly favourable price bands, depending upon the initial investment.

CyberTrade is offering 20% of its Equity to suitably qualified Angel Investors .

CYBER Tokens are not 'mintable' meaning that the maximum of 240m tokens can never be exceeded.

CyberTrade investors may propose loan/debt financing proposals to CyberTrade.


CyberTrade - Tokenomics

CyberTrade Market Capital Targets.

CyberTrade realises that crypto market capital (Value of Tokens in circulation) is a key indicator of success and is able to express its targets over the first few stages-

Token Offering 1: Angel Funding (Investor Community)
- Target Market Cap = $1.2m)

Token Offering 2: Private Pre-Sale (Retail Community)
-Target Market Cap = + $0.61m

Token Offering 3: Public ICO/IEO Open to all)
-Target Market Cap = + $4.6m

At $6.4 market cap, at ITO/IEO/IDO (Q2 2022) CyberTrade would be positioned just outside the top 1,000 projects on CoinGecko. This provides ample room for further market capital growth and progression up the CoinGecko listings.

Further improvement in market cap by x 5 to say $32m or x 10 to $64m would position CyberTrade around position 800 or position 600 respectively. This still provides ample room for increase in market cap and a higher listing position.

CYBER Token Utility.

The utility of the CYBER Token arises from two sources:

a) A 'staking' mechanism for CYBER token holders who wish to be rewarded by taking their CYBER tokens out of circulation by 'staking' them to receive a guaranteed return of x% of additional CYBER tokens year. (The long term, sustainable range is expected to be between 5% and 10% per annum).

b) Traders will be obliged to pay for 'gas' (using CYBER) to keep their CyberTrade trading service operating (similar to a monthly subscription). The gas mechanism will generate a continuous demand for CYBER tokens.

Furthermore, approx 30% of the gas tokens will be burned by CyberTrade, to continuously decrease the tokens in circulation. These actions will support the Cyber token price.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

Free Market in CYBER

Immediately following the Public ITO/IEO/IDO (Q2 2022) [Round 3], the CYBER token will be listed on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. This will create a free market in CYBER tokens.

In keeping with CyberTrade's policy of exchange independence, the CYBER Token will be listed on several exchanges.

The first Exchange is likely to be an exchange such as Uniswap, a pioneering decentralised exchange.

Listings on other exchanges will follow, within few weeks. of first listing.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

Join our community

You are invited to join the CyberTrade Angel Funding round to private help create important yield producing trading services.


CyberTrade welcomes talented people who are interested in taking on responsibility within the CyberTrade community


Invest in the CYBER token and also in a project that helps produce new yield generating services to increase your own crypto investments.