Our Roadmap

2020 /Q4 Website

CyberTrade released its comprehensive, public facing, website www.CyberTrade.io.

2021/Q1 - Business & Funding Models.

CyberTrade considered several business and funding models. The result was a model based on private Angel funding public followed by an Initial Token offering (ICO/IEO/IDO).

2021 / Q2
Angel Funding Preparation

Development of the Angel Investor 'Offer'.
Development of Linked Equity Offer
Development of Loan/Rebate Offer
Development of 'Blended' approach
Blending of Crypto Tokens & Equity Shares

2021 / Q3 Angel Funding Round Opens
& Proof of Concept

- Angel funding round
+ Initial Proof of concept 'smart contracts'
- Investment time-lock vehicle
- Flash Loan Arbitrage service

2021 / Q4 Angel Funding Round Closes &
Proof of Concept (PoC)

- Angel funding round
- Liquidity mining service
- DeFi Yield Farming service

2022 / Q1 - Prototype Trading Services

- Swing trading service
- Day trading service
- Scalp trading service

2022 / Q2 - Trading Services Release (Alpha Release)

End-to-end trading, controlled from a dApp
Mobile and Desktop applications
Fully decentralised operation
Non-custodial operation

2022 / Q3 - Trading Services Release (Beta Release) + Public ICO

- Desktop and Mobile applications
- Scaled-up testing
- Initial Token Offering (ITO/IEO/IDO)

2022 / Q4
Official Production Release

Production Release of trading services to the general public.
(Live/Production Network)

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services


The road-map covers the high level plan for the progression of the company and its yield creating, automated trading services.


Agile development principles are used to develop, test and release working software at regular, short intervals, to minimise project risk.


Agility enables Individual trading services to be delivered for use just as soon as they are available.