Multi Brand Strategy

Cybertrade brand

CyberTrade is designated as the umbrella brand of the trading ecosystem.

The umbrella brand provides infrastructure supporting a 'market' for trading service providers, application providers and investors.

The multiband strategy reduces the onus on CyberTrade to produce all of the services and applications itself.


CyberTrade proposes to create a 'boutique' brand, whenever a suitable opportunity arises that lends itself to a different brand name.

This may occur when a part of CyberTrade needs to enter a particular market using a brand image which may not be the same as the standard CyberTrade image. For example, a specialist / niche brand for trading in Non-Fungible Tokens.

third party brands

CyberTrade plans to opensource an important crypto trading protocol that may be utilised by an ecosystem of third party brands.

Those brands can either be trading service providers or application providers.

In this way, applications that join the ecosystem will have access to many trading services and trading services may be used in many applications.


Multi-Brand Strategy

The multi-brand strategy combines CyberTrade branded trading services and applications with third party branded trading services and applications.

The idea is to create an ecosystem of providers, to bring trading services and applications to market quickly and to give the crypto investor the widest choice possible.

The overall ecosystem shall include both standard DeFi trading instruments such as flash loan arbitrage as well as other novel DeFi recipes.

The ecosystem shall also include a range of algorithmic trading services for Scalping, Day trading, Swing trading and Trend following.

Third-Party Brand Strategy - Trading Services

CyberTrade encourages algos, traders and quants to publish specialised algorithms as services within the trading service catalogue.

Trading Service providers will then share in the trading profits that their services help generate.

Once trading services are linked to a decentralised application (dApp), trading service providers can then earn revenue, without having to develop an 'investor facing' end-user application and without incurring a 'marketing overhead' to build an end-user customer base.

This approach suits traders , algos and quants, who see their strength as 'trading' rather than 'marketing'.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

Third Party Brand Strategy - Application Providers

CyberTrade encourages third party application developers / brands to utilise the trading services catalogue to incorporate trading services within applications that they publish.

This approach suits financial application developers who have a specialised brand and a target investor community and need to add a range of quality cryptocurrency trading services.

Such companies can simply 'plug-in' one or more trading services from the service catalogue.

Within the ecosystem, third party application providers are rewarded from a share of the trading profits accrued by their user community.

A growing need

As the cryptocurrency investor population climbs and climbs, demand from investors for yield producing, simple-to-use automated trading services also climbs.

A growing solution

CyberTrade proposes to create an ecosystem that enables trading service providers and trading application providers to 'plug-in' their products and bring new services to market.

a growing opportunity

As the number of trades flowing through the ecosystem grows, then revenue and profit will grow.
Growth is accelerated via mutual cooperation