Multi Brand Strategy

Cybertrade brand

CyberTrade is designated as the brand that conceives, designs and develops new crypto trading projects.

The CyberTrade brand strategy takes an incremental approach to funding and delivering new trading projects. Brands

CyberTrade proposes to create a new brand whenever the opportunity arises to create a new project within the crypto trading space.

Each new CYBER..XYZ brand is conceived to design, develop and deliver a specific crypto trading instrument. packages

Each specific trading instrument comes complete with the trading service itself, an investment opportunity and profit sharing

Each Project/Trading instrument is packaged together with a governance framework to support democratic governance.


Cyber..XYZ Brands

CyberTrade is developing brands, including:-

CyberFlash (Flash load arbitrage)
CyberSwing (Swing Trading)
CyberFarm (Yield Farming)

Over time, crypto traders will come to know and trust 'Cyber' branded, crypto projects.

The CyberTrade projects have the following characteristics, in common:-

- Automated Trading
- De-centralised (Peer-to-peer networking)
- Non-custodial (Funds remain in the custody of the Trader)
- Cryptographic levels of security

The overall ecosystem shall include revolutionary DeFi trading instruments such as flash loan arbitrage as well as some traditional algorithmic trading services for Scalping, Day trading, Swing trading and Trend following.

Cyber..123 Brands

CyberTrade encourages Algos, traders and Quants to contribute specialised algorithms as the trading basis of new projects/trading services.

Once trading services are incorporated into a CyberTrade project, originators earn revenue, without having to develop 'investor facing' end-user applications and without incurring a funding and/or marketing overhead to launch a crypto trading project / service.

This approach suits Algos and Quants, who see their strength as being in 'trading instrument discovery'.

CyberTrade - Crypto Trading Services

Example Yield Farming Project

The graphic illustrates a forthcoming DeFi yield farming Project . (

The yield farming strategy centres around yEarn and three Decentralised Exchanges namely Aave, Compound and dYdX.

The process starts with the deposit of stable coins, DAI, USDC, UST, TUSD or yCRV, which are converted into yUSD which facilitates yield farming on three tiers:

Tier 1. - Money Markets
- Seek out ROI by obtaining the highest yields on offer within Aave, Compound and dYdX.

Tier 2. - Y Curve Pool
- Provide liquidity to to earn yield from fees charged on stablecoin swaps.

Tier 3.- Sustainable Yield
- Use 'community developed' yield strategies to harvest CRV rewards produced in Tier 2 and recycle the profits into yUSD.

A growing need

As the cryptocurrency population increases and matures, more traders are becoming aware of the need for security, annonymity and non-custodial trading solutions.

A growing solution

The solution is already built into the blockchain. What is needed are more true decentralised applications (dApps) that faithfully implement blockchain architecture

a growing opportunity

CyberTrade is commited to providing crypto traders with the dApps they need, via a number of crypto projects that they can fund and govern.